Of Wonderful Surprises: Hello Kitty Merchandise

Araw Ng Kagitingan - A Philippine Holiday ‘celebrated’ last April 9, 2014. There wasn’t anything significant that happened that day, as it was a normal busy weekday and people are flocking inside the malls. Perhaps for some shopping, or planning to watch a movie [boy, the line cue on Cinemaworld was longggggg].

My date and I were one of those people who trooped over the mall that day at SM Megamall, and a visit to any mall for us is not complete without checking out toy stores particularly - Toy Kingdom. Ah, the kid at heart! Indeed we are, and not ashamed of it.

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CarbTrim Diaries: Road testing the CarbTrim Capsules


Due to inquiries I have been receiving lately, if I have tried the new CarbTrim capsules. Well, here’s a head start for the month of April. I just recently bought a pack (plus 3 more) at SM Jazz for me to experiment. Quite frankly, I guess I also want to step it up a notch when it comes to my workout routine. Since the capsule is said to have L-Carnitine which helps burn more fat during exercise.

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EVENT: Astring O Sol Ambassador Launch

Hygiene is undeniably the most important aspect that we should consider for self image. Regardless if your work requires you to be on the phone all the time, or having to face people. You wouldn’t want people being turned off by how you smell, as one of the the fastest [or nearest] scent that we usually smell is a person’s breath.

I’m sure almost all of us are mouthwash users right? And since I’m sharing about mouth hygiene, I might as well share with you a trivia on mouth turn-offs which was discussed during the Astring O Sol Amabassador launch last Tuesday at the Imperial Ice Bar, Fort Bonifacio.

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Weight loss project: A look back from two years ago

It seems that my last post for Inside A Cat’s Mind was about: “Sunday’s with my family”. A few days after that post, we received another heartbreaking news from our closest relatives about our uncle. Since then, I’ve been caught up with a lot of things in my personal and work life. Hence the lack of posts from last month.

Life is pretty much the same. I’m still at my fitness routine and actually quite pleased, to hear compliments from people I haven’t seen for the longest time saying that I have lost a lot of weight. I’m happy, but to be honest? I’m still struggling to reach my goal for a 28 or 29 waistline. I’m 8 inches away from it though (feel free to count on my current waistline, hehe). But for reference, let me show you a before and after pic of myself 2 years ago. See photos below.

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Sundays with my family Vol 1 no.1 – CHRISTmas in our Village


Hello meows! Happy Sunday to all of you!

Speaking of Sunday, [if you should know] it’s important for me to spend this day with my family.  We always start our day by attending worship at Bread Of Life at Greenbelt 1. As Christmas is literally just around the corner, today’s worship theme was ‘Christmas in our Village,’ and it was celebrated by songs of worship and service held by Coach Ina and Coach Noel. In addition, was a shared testimony by Amber [coach in training] about her family’s story. It was indeed inspiring. Let me share with you some photos I was able to take during the service.

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Inside A Cat’s Mind Choice Award – For a fitter you CARBTRIM


If there is one thing that I’m thankful for 2013, it would be without a doubt my weight loss journey. It was not easy, even presently so as there are instances that I would still crave for something sweet. And now that Christmas and New Year are almost here. I face a bit of a dilemma, as food is much more abundantly ‘festive’. Hashtag #willpower #ICanDoEat este [I mean] #ICanDoIt Ha-ha!

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