Travelling Hello Kitty: It was a Japanese themed Sunday [well almost]

Sunday’s for the Travelling Hello Kitty is mostly spent with her family, and last Sunday was nothing different on how they usually spend their last day of the week. Worship at Bread of Life, Lunch out and Movies.

After worship, mom said she wanted to eat ramen. I guess she her mouth watered when my sister showed her, an authentic ramen which she had in Japan a few days ago. Mom was in charge, and chose a restaurant in Greenbelt 2 named – Oneki. We ordered two bowls of chicken ramen, in which sadly in unison, we agreed it should be called a chicken noodle soup. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t how a ramen should have tasted like.

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Travelling Hello Kitty: Saturdate Fitness Fail

Today is one of Travelling Hello Kitty’s most awaited day. Why you ask? Well, it has been a while since she went jogging. Her usual fitness routine is workout at home every morning before going to work, and if time permits [or if she has extra energy] she goes out to her nightly jogging on weekdays. Unfortunately, her night routine had been set aside for a few months already.

That is until today.

Aside from their usual malling date with the Travelling Gundam, they decided to do a weekly jogging date to pump up their active lifestyle [wow ha!] ha-ha!

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Inside A Cat’s Mind: Cat Photography vol 1 no. 1

I have been always fascinated with “Artsy” photography, so I decided to give it a try and played around with natural lighting earlier this morning.

My subject is one of my cat’s named Dumbo. Having observed this cat of “mine”, he never likes to stay in my house. But, always comes home in time for breakfast, lunch and dinner time, and also just in the nick in time when the rain pours hard. There are times that he seemingly enjoys sleeping at my sister’s room in the afternoon. I rarely see him staying with us during the night.

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Inside A Cat’s Mind: Nom Noms for the Meows

With my current situation of having four big cats at home, feeding time always gets crazy. Crazy because of the constant meows, and me always wanting to pull my hair because I spend so much for my babies. Enter hash tag #thisiswhyimbroke, well kidding aside, I try my best to provide regular cat food for the spoiled babies. I think I sound like a slave don’t I? Hahahaha-haaaaaaaa! The cats are laughing for sure.

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[Tech Talk] Satisfaction with PLDT Home DSL

For home internet broadband services, we have been using PLDT for a long LONGGG time already. We started off with PLDT DSL, which was “fairly” okay but often times internet speed was terrible. Terrible in the sense that, you would want to throw the modem or bang it on the wall. Aside from the mentioned back story, we also had replaced the modem twice [or maybe more], due to the fact that the device had fallen [thanks to my cats] occasionally [but no so often].

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