Personal: Back in blogging for 2015

Work hard, play hard, and so I have. Reason being of my 5 month long hiatus since my last blog post. I wouldn’t say that I’m burned out with work, I guess I just like to reward myself by spending time with my family and my significant other [sometimes with friends too] as much as I can. I’m more active in Instagram though, where I don’t have to “invest” too much time sitting in front of the computer.

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Comic Book Drive at The National Children’s Hospital

I’m not the type of person to help or even have a soft heart when it comes to humanity. No, I’m not cruel, I just prefer helping out animals instead. I know I made up my mind about it but, life has a funny way in turning things around.

It was last Saturday when my significant other, decided to join Jerald Uy’s Comic Book Drive, at the National Children’s Hospital. This charity event is on its second year already. And I can’t help but feel thankful that a guy like him, along with his volunteers, donors / sponsors and fellow cosplayers, took their time to visit and give out free comics and food.

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Personal: Things We Do

My significant other knows me, as someone who hates card games and board games. I have little to no patience, reading long manuals and directions. I guess that’s because, I’m more of a hack and slash gamer i.e Diablo. But with M, one of his best qualities is being able to explain something “complicated to something, any newbie can quickly and easily understand. Continue reading

Another Hello Kitty Collection: Cracks me up, literally!

Yes, it’s another Hello Kitty feature yet again. As described, this blog is about my addiction to Hello Kitty, so please bear with another HK post.  But for those who love HK, this post is definitely for you ;)

Every time my sister travels for work, she always brings home something for the family. What every member of the family would do for theirs. And for her big sister, who is 30 year-old lady who still loves Hello Kitty stuff toys *cough cough*, she is always ever so thoughtful of bringing her Hello Kitty goodies. Big or small, it’s always the thought that counts. She had brought me a couple of Hello Kitty food items in the past, but her recent ‘pasalubong’  a few days ago tops the cake!


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Of Wonderful Surprises: Weekend Rewards

Despite the busy weekend, missing out on sales and a cat adoption event, it was still a pretty awesome weekend for me. Simply because my sister gave me a Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary chocolate from Japan, and second; receiving a unique Hello Kitty find at the Cosplay Mania 14 which M purchased for this Hello Kitty obsessed collector. I’d like to consider these as “rewards” instead of gifts, for working hard last weekend. Thank you so much.

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