Softex Maternity Pad

I have never been ecstatic about maternity pads. Yes, you read that right! Maternity pads! It’s no big deal really, but for us mom’s or someone who has very heavy menstrual periods? It’s a huge deal. Okay, before I begin this post; for those who won’t find this post useful, you can close this tab. But for those who do, specially mom’s or those searching for reliable maternity pads, read on.  Continue reading

Our stress-free experience with Mcdonald’s Celebration


It has been 1 year of being a Mom to our Audrey, and I must say, It is truly such a bliss having her in our lives. For her first birthday, Martin and I decided to have it at Mcdonalds. The branch where it  was held was at Glorietta 3, Makati. Being it our first time to book the franchise, we are very pleased with the branch’s customer service. But honestly, to say that we are pleased is an understatement.

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The Newbie Mom: Change is good.

To be a mother, where do I even begin?

Life completely changed, 360 degrees! I used to have my own money, buy things I want, eat wherever I want, watch the latest movies, and lastly, exercise whenever I CAN! Everything has changed now. Every single thing that I do now is for my family. I would be a hypocrite to say that I don’t miss what I used to do. But mostly, every single day I’m tired. Continue reading

Breastfeeding diaries 1.1

And so, the mommy adventures continues.

My BF and I finally moved out in our place, and settled in our new humble abode. It was only the two of us who moved and fixed our home, and at the same time taking care of our little girl. It was exhausting. I didn’t have enough time to nurse and just relied on formula milk. Even if I did have time? When I tried expressing milk, I had very little which was very depressing. Today was worse as it didn’t even fill up a teaspoon.  Continue reading

The Newbie Mom: My Birthing Experience

I finally gave birth to my bundle of joy, and I must say it was an experience I’d never forget. When I was weeks away my due date, one of my many questions I kept searching online was, “how will I know if I’m about to give birth?” “Will my water break, just like how it’s shown in the movies?”. Well, apparently for me, how I expected to have given birth turned out to be a different and special ordeal for Martin, our angel and I.  Continue reading