Bread of Life

Bread of Life’s 30th Anniversary

Yesterday, my siblings along with my nephew and I were one of the attendees of Bread of Life’s 30th Anniversary held at the SM Mall of Asia’s SMX Convention Center.

It was one event we didn’t want to miss and I’m thankful my sister nagged me (even if I got really irritated with her) that morning to stop being a kill joy that time. She knows how much I was anticipating on attending the anniversary but I really felt bad that morning.  Anyway, I tried really hard to brush off the negative feeling as I didn’t want to sulk all day.

Upon arriving, my sister and I were anticipating the worst as we were told that there will be a lot of people. To our surprise, well there were a lot of people but the event was well organized by the committee and we were all seated comfortably to our seats.

Let me share with you some photos I was able  to take pictures of.


The last pastor who preached was Brother Butch. We’ve been always hearing his name mentioned every time we attend Worship on Sunday’s at Greenbelt 1, and now we know the person behind the name.

There were realizations that I learned during the worship, but if there is one thing that BOL wanted to stress out was on why the event was titled ‘Perlas ng Silangan’. It was not about how beautiful pearl is, but how the community was formed out of ‘tears’ that made BOL a genuine pearl. Brother Noel made his point literally loud and clear and honestly I got hurt by the things he revealed that day. It hurt in a good way though.

I am thankful to have discovered Bread of Life, and to quote what Brother Noel said ‘I’m finally home’. I am home.


2 thoughts on “Bread of Life’s 30th Anniversary

  1. Wow! That’s a great quote! Know what? We were there too! I wish I was able to see you…Greenbelt 1 pala kayo…Crossroad kami kasi QC area kami malapit…I’ve been with Bread of Life since 1989…Sis. Gina Atencio was our Youth pastor back then. Bro Noel was our officiating pastor sa wedding naman…I really thank God for having led me to Bread some 22 years ago. tama ba computation ko? mahina ako sa math eh….;)

    By the way, dear Kate, I love your new space…;)

    1. Oh really? I didn’t know you were a fellow BOL member. Sayang we didn’t meet at the anniversary. Oh wow, I love brother Noel, he’s like a celebrity to me and my sister, haha. That’s so true, I’m just happy you’re with BOL too.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting Kaye 🙂

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