Tech Love: A Kikay loving gadget freak

‘Without light there is no picture’ – Mandy Navasero

Those are my mom’s ‘words of wisdom as a Photographer. And for someone who loves to blog and take pictures (meaning me), My ‘words of wisdom’ is  I believe in the saying that ‘A blog is never complete without pictures’. With that being said, IMHO pictures should at least have good quality to be able to give justice to what you want your reader’s to see.

In a span of almost 3 years of blogging I’ve been blessed with the tools that helped me ‘be better’ at blogging. I used to take pictures with my trusty Nokia Xpress Music camera phone to begin with. It served it’s purpose well but did not give justice to photos as it’s camera feature only has 3 megapixel to boot with. After a year, my then boyfriend surprised me with a pink Nikon L21 which  has a better megapixel compared to a camera phone. I was really happy and thankful when he surprised me with it. That finally (at that time) I can take better pictures of my favorite subjects. Eventually, I was so OC with the results of my pictures. I wanted more colors and at least a wider lens. I instantly fell in love with the CANON T3i Rebel 1100 D in red. Well that was my wish list a few months ago. It was one of my gadget list to save up for.

One day, a friend told me if I wanted to hang out at her place and I did. Only to find out that she had a huge surprise for me. Lo and behold, my wish list came true, as she gifted me the very DSLR that I wanted. Up to this day, I will always be thankful for that gift.

From something little from a mobile phone to eventually something big a DSLR, I sure am blessed. Aside from upgrading my 2 gadgets, I was also blessed to have my mobile phone upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy ACE which I bought with my own money. And last October, my sister and I both won a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which was really awesome. Now, I have all the tools I need for work and blogging.

You see, I love gadget’s and I treasure them with utmost care. So here’s my humble collection of gadgets. And for a gadget freak, this collection will definitely not end here as I still have other gadgets in my wish list. Like a new laptop, an IPod touch 5th generation in pink, a new mobile upgrade, new lens for my DSLR, and the list goes on. He-he!


l-r: Samsung Galaxy ACE, Nikon L21, CANON REBEL T3i 1100D, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Nokia Xpress Music

Sigh, I sure do love gadgets a lot and the color of pink and red, ha-ha! Hopefully, I get to buy my other gadget wish list in the future.

I’m blessed 🙂

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