Christmas is just around the corner

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… La la la la laaaaa~

Yes, I already feel the Christmas spirit even if the weather IS extremely HOT! It feels like summer this Christmas season and I am really not loving this weather at all. In any case, December is one of those months I look forward to. Aside acting like a kid when I receive gifts or attending parties, it’s that time where I reflect on what I have accomplished. But that will be for another day for me to write about as this post is mostly about my Gadget Christmas Wish list.

As my previous reader’s in my old blog knows, my Sunday’s are always spent with my family as we always look forward to attending worship. Right after service, I was so itching to get a new screen protector for my phone as it was already looking really ugly and dirty. I’ve been loyal with the I-Shield for so long but it seems that the wear off is just one year. My first I-Shield got destroyed because my cat Rogue ‘played’ with my phone a long time ago and created a hole. In fairness to the brand, at least my screen was un-harmed from scratches, so I guess it’s a good thing.

So here’s what the I-Shield looks like now after a year. I suppose having an oily face is one of the reasons too why it turned to this. Ugh!

C360_2012-11-25-17-32-46 (1)

It arose a yellow-ish ‘tint’ (which looks more ugly and darker in person) and for whatever reason that I’m not aware of, the upper part seemed to have been torn which created bubbles. Well anyway, I got a brand new matte screen protector for a hundred bucks and now my phone looks brand new again.

After watching Breaking Dawn 2 with my siblings and nephew, I asked my sister to go with me and check out gadget accessories for my Tab and phone. There were 3 gadget stores at the second floor of Greenbelt 1, and the one that I checked out was near the scrapbooking store. I was particularly looking for a cover case and look what I found.


A Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Dock! Well, it doesn’t really fit my 10.1 (of course), but now I’m more set on saving up for one soon. So far, the stores at Greenbelt doesn’t have the 10.1 dock yet. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find one at Glorietta or Parksquare.

I was also able to find a better cover case for my Tab which costs at P1,800.00. I forgot the name of the store though, but it is located also in Greenbelt 1 at the first floor near Watson’s. That case is also on my list too.

Since it’s Christmas, I guess it’s only ‘fitting’ that I now make my wish list as November is about to end in just one week.

Aside from the keyboard dock and cover case, the three things that I really want for gadgets are:

  • IPod Touch 5th Generation in pink

I’ve always wanted a IPod Touch, if I’m getting one it has to be PINK.


  • 3DS XL

I will always love playing games when I can, and since right now my source of gaming is just my Tab this would be PERFECT as it is more mobile (and feasible), compared to a PS3.

  • A new digital camera

Well, since the digital camera is changing their ‘pace’ (so to speak) with now having an Android OS. I will be waiting for next year to see which one I would like. As they say with gadget’s ‘it is best to wait’.

Now on to MAKE UP…

  • Benefit

After checking out gadget stuff, my sister wanted to go to Benefit and it’s her fault now that I’m so lemming to buy a couple of things from the store.




Photos source from Benefit’s website

Well, that pretty much wraps up my Christmas wish list. Although I am saving for these, it doesn’t hurt to hope that Santa is reading this list of mine.


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2 thoughts on “Christmas is just around the corner

  1. I like Benefit’s set make-up. 🙂 I love their palettes and it looks natural on you. Ang gaan pa sa face parang walang suot, ^^

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