Inside A Cat’s Mind: Random Babblings


The long weekend is over and as much as I was able to unwind (which I enjoyed) over the weekend. I contemplated on certain things about my life’s purpose. And once again, I’m going through another ‘writer’s’ block. Aside from blogging about the usual topics like most bloggers do like makeup and skincare, I suppose I want something more, something different, something unique. I guess I just got bored on blogging about the same old topic, although I do love makeup I just felt blah yesterday. I couldn’t write even if I had a few products to ‘write’ about. Or maybe I’m just weird like that, I don’t know.

I guess to some people, you’d probably ask why I’m making such a big fuss out of this well (after all, this is not the first time I went through a writer’s block). We all have different paths to pursue and I’m hungry for something more than being just ‘average’. I don’t want to be known as my mom’s daughter (she is well known in the industry where I am currently working with). At the end of the day, I want to be known as, Kate Navasero. I know, I’m slowly building my career already but I guess just like any normal person would ask, “Can I really make it?”

Well, that question is left to be unanswered at the moment. If anything, I’m happy to have started building my goal and hopefully, I find the answer to my question’s soon.

It’s just the start of the week and I’m rambling already. Anyway, I hope this is a good week. Time to focus on work and if there is something I’m looking forward to, I’m so excited to watch the movie Rurouni Kenshin: Samurai X which will be exclusively shown on SM Cinemas only.

Kenshin copy

Photo source from SM’s cinema website


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2 thoughts on “Inside A Cat’s Mind: Random Babblings

  1. It’s the 5th na! Been waiting for Rurouni Kenshin since the trailers came out (last year?). I still have cassette tapes of the anime’s opening and closing themes, gift from a friend who bought it from Tomo-Kai, I think. Memorized those too. Were you able to watch both the english and tagalog dubbed versions? I find the Tagalog-dubbed version much more hilarious, less serious.

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