Sunday Mornings: Reminiscing Greenbelt 1

There would be times when my Family and I attend our usual Sunday worship at Greenbelt 1, where my sister and I reminisce about how Greenbelt 1 used to look like. Too bad I didn’t have memorabilia’s of the 80’s.

So last Sunday during our worship, I took a ninja shot of our Pastor (which you can’t hardly recognize) and his ‘lecture’. Thing is, my sister and I don’t know our Pastor’s name and we both agree that (hopefully) before Worship starts, they will introduce our Pastor’s names.


Right after worship, I took a few photos of different stores at the second floor of GB1.


The cellphone ‘tiangge’  used to be a closed area. This was where I bought my screen protector for my phone and galaxy tab 10.1. Which I think both screen protectors will be replaced soon. I’m going back with Ishield because of it’s durability.


This is basically the newly renovated GB1. At the far end on the left side, I remember a burger place called, Bun on the Run. They have one of the best Chori Burgers EVER! Too bad with the renovation it closed and didn’t continue it’s business in Greenbelt. Although, I heard they have one at Metrowalk, I wonder if it still tastes the same way back in the 80’s. Aside from the Chori burgers, we also love their pizza, chili dog and the cookies.


National bookstore, my sister’s and I’s favorite NBS branch. We grew up buying our school supplies here and toys when we were kids. They used to have 3 floors back then.


Watsons, happy place!

Aside from NBS, we also used to eat at Pancake House along where Luk Yuen was. It used to be in front of MAX Chicken House. Those were the days and I’m pretty sure some of you don’t have an idea what I’m talking about.

Change is inevitable after all! The stores may have been long gone, but the memories will always stay. Which is why it now turned me to a serious social media ‘whore’, where I simply love taking pictures of anything and sharing it with my Friends and Family and the whole interweb. My sister can attest to that, ha-ha!

On other things, I now have 2 gifts to open for Christmas. One is from a special friend, and the small red box is from my boss. Thank you 🙂


Well, tomorrow is Midweek already, hopefully things turn up to be more interesting for me.

Till then!


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