How do you handle stress?


‘With great power comes, great responsibility’, this quote from Peter Parker may sound cliché but in essence I can relate to the quote. No I don’t have supernatural powers of course, but that would be awesome to have, perhaps like Wolverine that can heal himself – ha ha! Well, going back, we all have to be responsible in what we do (work, career, passion for life, people, etc.), but there are days that we get burned out. With that being said, I’ve been feeling burned out for the past few weeks and although it’s been hard, It’s true that it isn’t always a bed of roses.

With that being said, How do you handle stress? If you ask me, I don’t handle stress well, well enough to avoid certain foods that I should be avoiding as I’m not blessed like one of those people who can simply eat a lot and not get fat. Stress is stress, and when it does occur I usually do 2 things, either to eat or play Mortal Kombat. However, my PS3 being busted there is no way for me to unleash my anger through MK. And so, we go to option 2, EAT! with that,I simply go with my default ‘feel good’ drink… COKE!

Incidentally, if I were my old self, I would’ve went back to smoking again. There are times that I’m tempted, but this temptation I try my best to not give in. I used to smoke a lot before, but stopped smoking for 6 years already and I’m happy I quit.

So I crave for coke or something sweet when I feel stressed in whatever form it may be. That’s how I handle stress. Sometimes, I shamelessly cry too but then I pray to God. I feel good the next day and remind myself to focus and prioritize what should be prioritized.  

For today, I reached out for this while I was shopping for some cat food. It tasted so good and ‘rewarding’ at the same time.



How about you? How do you handle stress? Just comment below as I would love to read all of them~


Till then!



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