Lip Love: Revlon Super Lustrous in Pink and Cherry

I rarely do product reviews and if I do, it means that I really really love the product may it be on skin care or makeup. One of my top makeup must haves which I can never leave the house without is lipstick. And with my current purchase of Revlon’s Cherries in the Snow and Pink in the Afternoon, they are now my most favorite lipstick shade.


I found out about these shades through Liz’s blog actually, so credits goes to her for blogging about the lippies.

Among the two, my most used is the Pink in the Afternoon as it is great for everyday use. Both for office work and a when you’re out on a date. To put it simply, it’s a pretty pink/nude-y shade.




l-r: Cherries in the Snow, Pink in the Afternoon

I don’t have a decent swatch on face using my DSLR but here’s what it looks like (see photo below).


Cherries in the Snow

How I see Cherries in the Snow is a bit of a plum-ish to blue-ish red shade.  Wearing red lipsticks can be quite tricky for me and probably to anyone else as well. Luckily, the Cherries in the Snow is flattering for me.




I don’t consider myself a beauty blogger really, but if anything I’m a huge sucker for makeup. Since both these shades are already well reviewed by most beauty bloggers out there, I’ll just leave it at that. I love them both and would definitely re-purchase them as soon as I finish them.

Both lippies are pretty affordable for P350.00 a tube, although I’m not sure if the price lowered or probably because of the sale when I bought it.

Till then!



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