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Movie Corner: Samurai X


Anime has never been a part of my life back then, but when my then boyfriend of mine introduced me into the wonderful world of Anime (such as, Claymore, Golden Boy, Chobits, Jojo’s Bizarre World and the list goes on) It is now something that I pleasantly enjoy watching. One of my favorites aside from Claymore (being my number 1 choice), is Samurai X OVA: Director’s Cut.

When I heard that they made a movie adaptation of the popular comic book turned Anime TV series, I was skeptical as most often than not adaptations can be a hit or a miss. Watching the trailer didn’t help either to convince me as I didn’t ‘see’ the Kenshin I hoped to see. Well, yes I have standards and don’t worry, I ate my own words right after watching. He-he!

I have quite a vague memory of the TV series that I watched. From what I can recall, the series is about Kenshin’s beginnings. His love interest at the OVA if I’m not mistaken was Tomoe (to Samurai X hard core fans, please don’t crucify me). The . The movie was the continuation of what happened.

I don’t completely know the whole background or story of most character’s like Saito, so this ‘review’ would be from a ‘non-fan’s’ point of view so to speak. My date and I watched the movie last week at SM Bicutan, which was a good idea than going to Megamall as traffic was horrible.


Samurai X’s story revolves about a heartless Himura Kenshin, a killer assassin called Battosai  who has turned away from Killing. Personally, for someone with little background of the series, I find that the movie can stand alone by itself as it was well executed by each character. In short, I find it believable, period.

The action scenes were quite ruthless (blood and gore). There was so much hype but unfortunately, I got a little bit disappointed with how they ended the scene with Kanryu Takeda (the ugly business man/trader who kept Megumi captive). Megumi’s story was quite interesting too. Well, since Samurai X is extended for another week, I highly suggest that you watch the film as I don’t want to spoil.

About my ‘issue’ on the guy who portrayed Kenshin? HANDS DOWN! He was really awesome in portraying Kenshin as a Killer Battosai and as a simple Wanderer. Heck, it’s as if he’s Kenshin himself! I’m simply blown away from his character and I really wish to meet him one day (adding this on my bucket list).


As I mentioned in my Facebook about my thoughts on the movie, first impressions do change as he was really convincing and I loved his battle scenes. I am definitely one happy movie buff to have watched this film and I’m hoping to watch this again…Hopefully.


Till then!




2 thoughts on “Movie Corner: Samurai X

  1. i had misgivings too when the trailer came out ‘coz I thought the scar was not too blunt, too cute. but then i read that the director worked closely with Nobuhiro Watsuki so…

    the current film is a live action version of the anime, of the first story arcs. wiki says they plan for this to be a series of films. looking forward to the shisio story arc. the 1st ova is about kenshin’s past (the one with Tomoe) while the 2nd is set after the events of the anime but is not accepted as canon as it’s not approved by Watsuki.

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