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Tech talk: What’s on my Tab?


Most often than not we always see posts about ‘What’s on my bag?’ or ‘What’s on my kikay kit?’  But for a Kikay ‘techie’ lady like me, I decided to make a list of my top favorite apps and games for the Android.

Without further ado, here’s my top 10 favorite android apps and games for 2012.



 Among the other camera apps I’ve tried like Pixlr and etc., Camera 360 stands out as the best camera app for me. It helps me take better pictures, without the need of using a flash most often than not. It has a lot of effects actually, but the most I use are Night and Indoor just to keep it ‘natural’.

For Instagram, do I need explain why? It’s the most loved camera app for iOS and Android users, but with the on going privacy issue it’s a bit of a turn off. Still, it served it’s purpose.

*Additional app that I forgot to include from yesterday’s post



I always got frustrated with Instagram’s Insta frame app ‘extension’. So when I found out about Muzy it is now my must have app in my tablet! It’s easy to use and you have quite a lot of layouts to choose from. The concept is, it’s quite similar to Pinterest only customizable. It’s not only available through Android and iOS, but you can also use this via web. Just type and you can make your own photo box and more.  I just may make a review about this app along with the 2 games that I’ve been playing.




There are times that I just feel so restless at night. Having found out about this app, it sort of helped me relax at night. I mostly use this when I try to meditate or write on my journal.

Both apps are free, the refresh app has a few options to choose from. Unfortunately for the music therapy for sound sleep, there is only one option of music to choose from which kind of sucks. If you want all of the sounds to be available, you have to pay for the app. Well, if I had the credit card I definitely would pay for it since it’s not that expensive really and it’s one of my must have’s as it helps soothe the mind at night.


5. Get Glue

Get Glue is a great app where you can check in your favorite TV Shows, Movies, Books and Music. Just like Foursquare, you also get to earn stickers too.


6. Food Spotting


For foodies like me, this is a great app dedicated for recommending food or restaurants. It would’ve been more engaging if most of my friends or ‘local’ people uses the app as well. Regardless, I like this app a lot and still continue to spot my favorite dishes from restaurants.

7. Book App


With my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, it already comes with a E-Reader’s Hub. You just have to make an account and you instantly have access to a list of books, magazines and newspapers.

Screenshot_2012-12-21-22-08-03 (1)


8. SIMS Free Play


The well loved SIMS is available for the Tab! Portable SIMS FTW! Regrettably , if you want to customize your house with different decorations, you need to pay for it through Google Wallet. You get to have your own family, pets and a car. There are goals to keep you amused, but there would be times that it can get boring.

9. Heroes of Order and Chaos


This game absolutely plays just like DOTA which I love to bits. I’ve yet to get used to the heroes but so far, game style plays just the same. There are limitations of course, and it can get pretty irritating when the touch is not so responsive at times. Imagine trying to run from a hero and your character gets stuck, ugh!


10. Dungeon Hunter


When my PS3 was still working, I was addicted in playing this RPG game. It may be a rip off from Diablo but it still is good. Whenever I crave for some good old RPG game, this is what I play to relax or when I’m bored at home.


And that wraps up my top 10 favorite apps and games for 2012. Hopefully, next year I get to see more interesting apps in the Google play market. Perhaps a Zumba app would be awesome, pretty please?

How about you? What’s your favorite app for the Android or iOS? I would love to read about it~

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