Christmas 2012

Inside A Cat’s Mind: My family’s Christmas day

A day in the life of Meow…

It has been our tradition to watch one of the films from the Metro Manila Film Fest (MMFF) during the Christmas week. Whenever we go to watch a movie we either go to Greenbelt 3 or Glorietta 4. We frequent Glorietta more though and yesterday the place was packed with people, ugh!

We chose the film, Emilio Aguinaldo and having arrived after lunch we had to wait for an hour or more. So to kill time, mom decided to treat us for Pizza at Greenwich – yum!

While waiting (because my family loves taking photos) we took pictures for memories to keep. We used my sister new digital camera gifted to her by her boyfriend.



Family photos


L-R: My mom, my sister Amanda and Me


My brother Kert and Nephew Tyler (our oldest sister’s son), but who is always mistaken as mine D:


We also bought Mochi’s from Mochiko to munch on during the movie and chose the Durian flavor which was absolutely heaven.


Also took a picture of their lucky cat display


The movie was quite loooonggg and although I had reservations about it, I’ll leave it be as I don’t want to be a spoiler (well just in case you guys plan to watch it). I’ll probably rant about the movie on my twitter account. Ha-ha! If anything, I would love the MMFF to be done by this week so that I can watch Les Misérables.

Well, it was pretty much a random day for us but still happy to have spent it with them. Hopefully our new year will be more exciting.

Till then~

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