Tech Talk: CANON T3i REBEL 1100D

I never had the interest in Photography, but when I started blogging I got into the bandwagon of shutter frenzy folks. I like taking pictures just for the sake of sharing and keeping those memories with me.  It was never a serious thing about Photography as I’ve yet a lot to learn when it comes to the nitty gritty details of how to take a better picture. I like taking pictures, period.

I’ve been blessed to have my very first DSLR, something that I’ve been eyeing for a long time last year. Now, it has become my tool in blogging and taking precious moments with people and subjects I love.

What really attracted me to the 1100D was the color. It’s very eye catching. Of course, for a kikay gadget loving geek, it also has to match the color I love. Red is a close one, but pink is my real favorite color. On first hand, I was worried that it’s pretty hard to learn the camera but surprisingly, I chose a ‘noob’ friendly DSLR that any first timers won’t have a hard time using a DSLR.

Canon Rebel T3i 1100D RED


I already made a unboxing blog post about it in my first blog, but since I will no longer be posting there I might as well make a new post about it here.

The first 4 photos were my first test shots. I literally just took quick photos as I was geeking with excitement.




Upon purchasing, it already comes with a kit lens and the body along with the basic accessories, CD and manual.


For a DSLR, I chose CANON just because I prefer the colors to stand out. And for the specs of the 1100D it’s not that bad and I couldn’t ask for more. Besides, if anything I learned that it’s not about the camera but having an ‘eye’ for photography.

Having tinkered around with my camera, I love that the 1100D has a Image Stabilizer feature. It’s pretty newbie friendly too. Your photos look more fine and sharp without having to manually focus the lens. Although, you have the option to do that too if you prefer so.


The lens has a capacity of 18-55mm which is not too bad.


The settings are quite easy to navigate too.


Comes with 3 outlets for plugging.



The CANON 1100D:

  • comes with a 12.2MP
  • automatic / manual focus
  • focusing screen is fixed – IMAGE STABILIZER
  • live view mode
  • no need to install CD Software to save photos on your computer – ‘Plug and Play’

And a whole lot more features which you can find online xD

I foresee a long term relationship with my 1100D and loving every moment I capture.



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