A Surprise lunch date and Happiness in a Box

Today has been a double whammy of happiness and unexpected things. These things rarely happen as obviously there would be moments that we all experience bad days. January started on a positive note and I’m sure the Lord was responsible for that too. Thank you dear God.

My week ended perfectly well too as I’ve been blessed with opportunities (yet again). And also, most importantly re-connected with good friends.

There wasn’t much work to do for today just mostly emails, which is lucky for me I can do at home. After emailing stuff, while I writing a blog post I received an unusual call. At the back of my mind, I know that number will only call me if Martin was calling and I was right. I was still wearing my ratty clothes and haven’t showered yet (good job), he hurriedly asked me to meet him and a friend at a nearby restaurant where I live. I rushed and went straight to J.Boy. It was a surprise treat lunch which I enjoyed! I was also happy that Martin was able to try the restaurant as I have been raving to him how much I like the restaurant a lot. Good thing he and Edwin enjoyed their food. Yey!

I didn’t bother bringing my DSLR so I just took a photo using my camera phone only. Here’s what I ordered. I highly recommend this and that sauce on top was delish!


Spicy tuna roll Php145.00

When I got back from lunch I received a surprise from a old friend. Thank you so much 🙂


Here’s what she gave me…

A HELLO KITTY PIGGY BANK with HELLO KITTY strawberry filled biscuits. Well, I’m more of excited for the Hello Kitty piggy bank and yes this is yet another best addition to my growing hello kitty collection. Thank you Stacyyy 🙂







The head was filled with hello kitty biscuits. And while I was taking photos someone was stalking me. Please see photo below D:


‘Hey hoomin, I smelled you had lunch. How about feeding me NAO!’ – LOL

I’m looking forward for the weekend as I will be watching one of my most awaited movie, Life of Pi with of course someone special 😉

TGIF and hope you also will have a great weekend ahead~


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