Take a Whiff: Zen Zest Coral Eau de Toilette

TGIF dear readers and to new readers of Inside A Cat’s Mind! This week went quite fast, nonetheless it was a week of blessings and new opportunities ahead.

For today’s post, it won’t be a long one as this post is just about my favorite scent from Zen Zest.   Whenever I’m around Glorietta, I visit their store which can be found near Rustan’s. I check out their products, mostly perfumes or eau de toilettes to see if I can find something that I would really like. So far, my go to scent is from Herbench’s body spray Tickled Pink (which I use on ‘not so important days’) . Luckily, mid of last year I found one scent from Zen Zest that keeps me from coming back and restocking a particular scent from the brand.

I try not to try different kinds of fragrances as I would prefer a signature scent, that would smell ‘me’. I’m sure you get the idea by what I mean 😉


Coral Php200.00



What I love about Coral is that it smells very feminine. A mild flowery and powdery scent which is not too strong but the scent is there. Of course, it smells more ‘stronger’ when you’re in a colder atmosphere which makes it last quite long. It’s quite affordable too and I’m now in my third bottle already. I only wear this on special days like when I have meetings or a date. I’m happy to have found a scent I love at Zen Zest and you can bet that I will be using this for a long long time.

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