Life’s Like A Sour Tape

Sometimes you can only take so much to the point you get tired and feel numb, well that’s what we call Life! It isn’t always a bed of roses nor a sweet journey to begin with. I’ve had my share of bittersweet challenges in life, but here I am still braving everyday life’s trials. Perhaps, It’s about time too that I stop relying on my comfort zone and take a huge risk. Well, I’ve been putting it off for the longest time already, and now seems the best time to do it.

As what worship has taught me, ‘everything will be revealed in time’. In time, hopefully so.


Life is like a rainbow sour tape. Colorful made by blessings and friendships, often times sour by life’s trials – KN

Well, life goes on and I choose to be happy instead. Finding happiness may not be easy for others, but you have to kick yourself out of that sad state of yours and just start LIVING!

Happy Sunday~



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