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In my quest to losing weight: Random thoughts and new things to play with


In my quest on losing weight, I’ve come to realize that exercising is not enough. Dedication is what matters and with that comes compromise too. I had mentioned before about not giving up on rice, but recently I have been training myself on replacing rice with wheat bread instead. It’s not that bad actually and surprisingly I feel just the same as when I’m eating rice. I feel full but not too heavy. Actually, I  was inspired by my friend Stacy (during one of our gaming sessions last week) who convinced me into replacing rice. When I saw her eating lunch with just bread, I told myself, if she can do it, why can’t I? And so I did, and I’m glad I did it.

In the end, it’s not only about losing weight but living a healthy lifestyle. If I were to decide on what food will be served on our table, I’d say salad and lots of fruits like Papaya (my fave). But if you live with a family with growing kids (thin siblings) and nephew, meat is a huge part of our daily diet.


On other things, I got myself new makeup (thanks mom). Looking forward on trying the L’Oreal true match powder later.


Just one more day before the weekend, always something to look forward to.


I’ve been receiving quite a lot of entries on my first giveaway. Keep those entries coming and remember best answer wins 😉


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