Inside A Cat’s Mind: Weekends – A Hangout Date and Gaming Session

I have a close set of friends that I consider my real friends and though our relationship may not be perfect. I’m simply thankful that regardless the differences we had, we remain a close set of people with the same interest. Gaming.

Yesterday was one of my most relaxing weekend so far and I loved it. The first half of my day (well from 10:30-2:00PM), I spent my time with Martin which was more of a hangout date. We went to Megamall to have brunch first at SM’s Food Court. With countless of choices to choose from, I decided to buy my food at Bodhi. Here’s what I ordered.

P.S I didn’t bother bringing my DSLR as I brought a lot of things with me that day. Photo quality is not that good.



I assume the viand on the right is a sweet and sour veggie version which I love. On the left, well I’m not sure but it also tasted good. This meal cost me Php95.00 with drinks included. I didn’t bother claiming my drinks as I’m avoiding soft drinks and artificial juices. If you are a vegetarian, Bodhi is definitely your go to place.

Right after brunch, we went to Cyberzone to check out some gadgets and gadget accessories that we were looking for. I need to replace my phone’s (Samsung Galaxy Ace) battery as it deems useless now. On our way, we stopped by at Timezone and I saw this!


Hello Kittyyyyy!

While we were at the Samsung store, I checked out one of their newest gadget, the Samsung Galaxy camera!


*This photo was taken with Martin’s Cherry Mobile Titan (the camera quality is O-kay. Specs wise? not bad too.

Anyhoo, moving on.

Seeing advertisements online, I wasn’t really impressed. When I got a hands on trial yesterday, all of my ‘first impressions’ changed. I was very much impressed. I loved most of it’s features especially the panoramic mode. Taking photos was not that complicated to do. Most importantly, what made me swoon was the image quality.

In simple words, I was captivated.

I know I already have a DSLR, but let’s face it! Bringing a DSLR on hangout dates like this can be troublesome especially if you’re the type of gal who brings a lot of stuff with her, like makeup bag, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, phone, and another pouch where I dump my other things.

Martin on the other hand, being an artist had always wanted the Note ever since it came out. It’s an artist’s best friend on times he needs to do a quick sketch. He also did a hands on of the Galaxy Note 10.1 and I do agree with him that the Note is perfect for him,


After checking out the stores, Martin decided to go to Stacy’s house already. Luckily, it was a good thing that we left early as there was a bad mishap at SM Megamall’s Hypermarket.

We rode the MRT and went down to the last station – North Edsa.

IMG_20130126_134836new train cards

When we arrived at our friend’s house we rested for a bit and then started our gaming session. It was definitely a fun way to unwind and enjoy the company I was with. It was a weekend well spent and I’m looking forward for another gaming session next time.


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