What’s in a shelf?

In this blogging community most people like to share what’s in their bag. I guess it’s just something us women enjoy reading and in the end come up with our own blog post about it. For today, I plan to do the same only it’s not what’s in my bag but rather what’s on my shelf.

My shelf is divided into 5 parts.

Left to Right:  My gadget boxes, my favorite books and comics, some of my hello kitty and cat collection, carbtrim boxes and skin/bath products.



Most gadgets here (except the Samsung phone) are gifts from my friends. The Samsung galaxy tab was a prize I won from a contest. Not included is my pink dual shock PS3 controller.


Some of my hello kitty / cat collection and my Carbtrim boxes.


Bath / skin care products I randomly use, the ones I regularly use are kept in the shower.


My table looks ugly so I didn’t take a photo of that anymore. This photo is what’s on top of where I put my laptop, boxes and DSLR. Beside the table is my dresser, where my cat sleeps all day.



Someone is checking out his new ‘bed’



He likes it

Well that’s about it! It would be interesting to see what’s on your shelves too.

Happy Monday folks!


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