Currently tinkering: Nintendo 3DS XL

Gaming has been and will always be a part of me from consoles, hand held games, arcade and PC games. Currently this kikay gamer is presently tinkering with none other than, Nintendo 3DS XL. It’s not mine though as I just borrowed it for a week from a friend (thank you Martin).

I will try to make a game review that I’m currently playing (Shantae’s: Risky Revenge) but before that, here’s how the 3DS XL looks like on hand.

The 3DS XL has respectively a bigger screen than the normal 3DS. Another reason why I also like the 3DS XL better than the first generation is it’s built more rugged and battery life is longer.

There are actually so many new features to look forward to for the 3DS and I can’t wait to own one too. See photo gallery below for pictures.


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