Inside A Cat’s Mind: February date

Yesterday’s date was yet again another fun filled date! This time, we visited a mall where we haven’t been to. Trinoma. Well, I initially wanted to spend our day at Glorietta, but my date suggested we try out Trinoma since we both haven’t been there together. It turned out to be a great idea, so great that I regret not bringing my DSLR with me. Boo!

Before we started our day, we both had brunch at Bonchon in Alphaland Mall.


I seriously, seriously love Bonchon and their spicy mayo dip. And of course I have my trusty CarbTrim drink with me as my weapon to blocking 66% of carbs that I consumed.

When we arrived at Trinoma, we first roamed around and looked at stores and food places they have in the mall. My favorite part was this place (see photo below). Just because it feels serene in the afternoon (as nightfall hits, expect a lot of people surrounding the garden).


On the right side of the garden (as soon as you enter), I saw Café Breton and without a doubt I asked Martin to eat with me there as I’ve been curious about their Crepes. I will blog about my Café’ Breton experience in my Food and Travel blog.

After our Crepe experience, we were debating on what movie we wanted to watch. I wanted Les Miserables but the schedule was at 7:45 which was way too long for us to wait. We chose Warm Bodies instead and it was a fun but more of an O-kay film for me.


After the movie, we meandered each nook and cranny of Trinoma and I found a cute kiosk selling these (see photo below).


I wanted to buy one of these kitties but it was ridiculously expensive (Php 1,200/pc). It wasn’t feasible but aren’t they cute?

As dinner came and our tummies grumbling, we decided to try something ‘new’. Taco Bell. Since I wasn’t able to bring my camera, I think I will skip blogging about it. But here’s what we had.


Burrito meal (for him) and a mexican pizza meal (for me)


And that’s how my Saturday was spent. It’s 12:04 am, meaning it’s February 4. Just a day more before the 5th and I’m kind of looking forward for it. Well, let’s just say it’s a celebration of some sort 🙂

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