Last year of my 20’s

Midweek! It’s just Midweek and it has been a hectic schedule for me and this weekend starting  Friday, I will be out of town with mom’s friends. It’s actually my first time to travel alone and I’m getting excited about it. Although, I don’t know the people whom I will be with, It’s an opportunity I don’t want to miss.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post titled February date about a celebration of some sort. Well, yesterday was THE day. I had no special plans for a grand celebration as I had to go to work from 1pm onwards. My mom gave me cash as her birthday gift (thanks mom), so I decided to have my  hair colored at Piandre’ in Greenbelt 1. I wasn’t able to take after pictures though as ran out of time and had to rush back for work after.

I already had a stylist before at Piandre’ his name is Eric. But during my second visit, I found out that he was no longer working there. The receptionist recommended me Juls, he was good and told me details about the brand LAKME which they used on my hair. Like BenchFix, they also had me signed a waiver first. I was able to take few photos only that day though.


The stylist will analyze your hair and fill up this form. My only beef was, I wished I was able to read the slip or probably talked to me about it. From what I remember, their owner flew to Spain to exclusively have LAKME products in their salon. It’s an organic hair color treatment that makes your hair soft at the same time. True enough my hair feels soft, downside it has the annoying smell of ammonia upon application of treatment.


Just finished having my hair washed


They colored the upper part (mid) of my hair first then the ends. End result? the color (redish brown) was subtle. I’m not so happy as I wished the color to be more ‘vibrant’. Will post photos soon I promise.

After work, I had dinner with my family at home. My only guest was my sister’s BF, Dr. Jimmy Dumlao (a specialist Pediatrician).



Thank you for the gift 🙂



Another year old and I’m looking forward for 30 next year~


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