Goldilocks Cake Expo

EVENT: Goldilocks 4th Cake Expo

Event post

The Goldilocks cake expo is now on it’s 4th year! It was recently celebrated last February 24 at the SMX Convention, Hall 4 of SM Mall of Asia. Families and media people were invited to experience one of their most bigger and exciting event ever, as this was the first Cake Expo that was held for a whole day event.

This year’s theme: Let your imagination Fly!

Families were welcome by a minimal fee of P50 to join and entertain themselves by joining AVOSET Whipping cream workshop (a non dairy pastry topping – brand from Singapore), Cake deco hands-on workshop, access to the Fly for Hope Activity Area, the DYC Booth, ICDC Exhibit, Goldilocks Cake Display Area, Gtizen booth and the ICDC finals

Aside from cake decorating and other suppliers from different businesses like Ferna, this annual expo also holds a Intercollegiate Cake Decorating Challenge which is now on it’s eighth installment. What’s unique about the challenge is all ten schools from all over the Philippines gather to compete on live stage, with time limit and absolutely with no knowledge of what the theme will be. For this year, Chico and Delamar (hosts for the event) announced the theme for the competition. First cake was the Mardi Gras festival, and second cake was a Filipiniana wedding cake.

The distinguished panel of judges include noted chefs: Penk Ching, Heny Sison, Ms. Nina Daza Puyat of Appetite Magazine, Mr. Richard Hsu of Rich’s Products, and Ms Pinky Yee (Marketing Director of Goldilocks).

My experience from the event:

First, I want to thank the lovely couple Maj and Jaji Maullion for the invite.


I was with fellow bloggers, Mark Cerbo and Mark Vincent Nunez. Thanks for the company.


The event started at 9am till 5PM, although it was quite tiring I can definitely say I had a lot of fun. My most favorite part from the event? Well, what else but the AVOSET Whipped Cream workshop. We were asked to make a snowman as our cupcake decoration. It sure wasn’t easy, but I’m impressed with AVOSET. You don’t need to add sugar as it already tastes mildly sweet to the palate. For the Intercollegiate challenge, they only used AVOSET and Goldilocks cake decorations. I was amazed how the whipping cream almost seems like butter cream.

Some cake samples from the challenge



AVOSET Whipped Cream Workshop



My disoriented snowman XD



Busy Kitty decorating XD

Photo Credit of me decorating only: Mark Cerbo



‘Freedom’ wall



Chico and Delamar DJ’s of RX 93.1


Congratulations to the winners 🙂

To learn more about the ICDC head on to Goldilock’s website

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