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Pets: Feeding my Cat

Having cats for 5 years or maybe more, I can say that I’ve tried quite a few wet and dry food to feed my cats. Presently, I have one male cat and my sister has three (a mommy cat and 2 kittens) and I feed all four of them. 

Here’s a list of the dry kibbles I’ve tried experimenting with my cats:

* Iams (the ones sold by the kilo in front of Cash and Carry. Bought these a long time ago) – no photo sorry.

* Princess cat – can be bought at Cartimar (reason for buying, I used to buy one kilo and feed it to stray cats)

9 lives

9 Lives – Tabby got bored eating it. He doesn’t seem to finish his kibbles on his bowl


Friskies by Purina – Tabby seems okay with Friskies. I notice though when I feed this to him for a period of time (let’s say a month), he gets ‘bored’.


Meow Mix – Both the wet and dry variant are both Tabby’s favorite. However, I rarely visit Landmark. I buy meow mix when I’m around Landmark Makati only.

fancy feast

Fancy Feast – An absolute cat pleaser every time! I always buy the Turkey variant for Tabby and beef/salmon/turkey variant for my sister’s cats. Shopwise still has the ongoing Fancy Feast sale, buy 5 and get one free for only P195. A can of Fancy Feast costs around P30+

And last but not the least, Whiskas. Tabby seems to love this one a lot. It may not be ‘healthy’, but if this is the only dry kibble he will eat then why not. I’d hate to waste on money on something he will not eat anyway.



He loves the Grilled Saba flavor the most.

Any cat lovers out there? What type of cat food do you feed your cat/s with?


4 thoughts on “Pets: Feeding my Cat

  1. My cats love 9 Lives more than any other kibble and doesn’t like Whiskas and Meow Mix. My persian loves Princess Cat. I tried feeding them S&R’s Farmhouse (which they didn’t like) and TriPro (which they didn’t like either). I feed them wet food once a week and on occasions too.

    Do you feed your cats wet food?

  2. I give Orijen (Cat & Kitten) to my 7 fur babies (6 Siamese and 1 Persian). Whenever Orijen’s not available, I feed them Royal Canin (Hair & Skin). I usually buy the big bags para makatipid. Both are more expensive than most cat food in the market, but it’s a lot better for them kitties. You can really see the difference. Sobrang healthy nila at di nagkakasakit. One time I fed them Whiskas (dry) for several weeks (medyo kulang kasi sa budget) pero they all suffered from constipation. First thing I noticed was 3 of them were limping. I thought napilayan because of catfight. When I observed their bowel behavior, I realized they’re having difficulty passing waste. I immediately stopped giving them whiskas and switched to wet food for a week. Slowly I re-introduced Orijen to their diet and they went back to their normal, playful, healthy condition.

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