In saving and spending

I’ve always believed in the saying ‘don’t spend beyond your means’. Unfortunately, It’s not easy living by that mantra, especially if you’re the type of girl whose an impulse spender. Believe me, I too struggle with this issue. But the difference from how I used to spend when I had my first job (2 years ago), I was pretty careless with my expenses back then. I bought a lot of make up which now deemed useless. One of my palettes accumulated mold that I had to throw out. Admittedly, I regret even purchasing those. After that incident, I vowed to never EVER spend that much.

Or so I try.

Earlier today after my lunch date, I went to the supermarket to re stock on cat food and basic toiletries. Because I’m curious about Pantene’s new shampoo for color treated hair, I gave it a go. It smells really nice actually. Hopefully it will be the same when you use this on your hair too.


My Tabby’s favorite.Whiskas Grilled Saba. Incidentally, this is 6 pesos cheaper at Walter Mart Supermarket. Shopwise sells this for Php286.00


It’s a good thing that Walter Mart has a Watson’s branch. I quickly went in to look for the Quick FX No Shine Mattifier. I actually bought one already last weekend when I was at MOA. I also bought two face masks (just to try it out) and a Cheeky Glow blush from Maybelline.

Hopefully soon, when budget permits, I will be able to buy the Shisiedo Brightening facial mask. That one looks promising – segue, haha!


The Quick FX No Shine Mattifier turned out to be quite effective on my oily face. Which is the reason why I got all excited in buying two sachets earlier. One sachet costs P89.00

The Cherry Blossom whitening facial mask was buy 2 and get 1 free for P44/each.

And, that’s about it!

On techie news, I will leave you with my current favorite video. I’m crossing my fingers on this phone XD


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