Sappe Beauti Drink

A Beauty drink and A Beauty Queen (hopefully)

While this blog is not about food. I’ve been indecisive whether to post this current purchase of mine here, or in my other blog (where I tackle about my discoveries on food and travel). Since the beauty part will benefit here in this blog, I think it’s only ‘fitting’ for this drink to be featured here.

Sappe Beauti Drink Php35.00

While this drink is not entirely new in the market, this has been creating a ‘buzz’ in the ‘beauty’ world of bloggers. Being a curious cat that I am, I decided to try out the Beauti Drink variant. The other Sappe drink is the green colored bottle, which is for better digestion and has L-Carnitine.

Collagen – tightens hair follicle, prevent osteoporosis, alleviate shrinkage, maintain skin elasticity and Increase skin moisture.

Taste wise

At the back of my mind, I had this notion that it would taste like juice. Surprisingly, it’s flavored water with a slight hint of refreshing flavor. Downside, for flavored water it has 130 calories to boot.

And for the drink to fully work, you need about 3000Mg of Collagen which means you have to drink and buy 3 times of this drink.

In conclusion

Of course, for those die hard ‘purists’ they would say, just drink plain water. There’s that and while water diet is no BS. It wouldn’t hurt to try drinking this  Beauti Drink every now and then.

Sappe products are currently exclusively sold at selected 711 convenience stores.

Off topic…

Since we’re on the topic of beauty, I must say I’m a proud sister. My youngest sister Amanda is one of the lucky 50 candidates for Bb. Pilipinas. She’s number 46, I hope I get your support 🙂


Photo Credit to: Shamcey SupSup Group Facebook Page

I hope and pray she brings home the crown~


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