Tech Talk: HUAWEI Mobile Wi-Fi E586

One of the top things I can’t live without is the internet. Yes, you can bet I’m that lady who is always trying to sniff around if there’s free Wi-Fi. I give plus points to restaurants that offer free internet and you can be sure that I am one satisfied customer (well aside from comfy chairs and a decent aircon ventilation too).

Recently, I was ‘gifted’ the perfect device that would satisfy a serious Wi-Fi sniffer’s needs.


HUAWEI Mobile Wi-Fi E586

I don’t have the box with me, as it was more of a hand me down ‘gift’ which I don’t mind since it will be put to good and loving use. So this is my second portable Wi-Fi device that I will be using. My first was the Smart BRO which I stopped using years ago because it sucked big time. I haven’t stressed test the Huawei that much though, but so far it’s a hit and miss. There was one time (while at Café Breton Trinoma branch), that we couldn’t get a decent signal of the device. So I guess it depends on the location too. We used Sun’s prepaid broadband internet at that time. Well, it’s what I’ll be using too since it seems Sun is by far the decent broadband internet (or perhaps my own preference really).

This pocket Wi-Fi can support up to 5 devices at the same time.




I can’t wait to road test this baby!

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