My Saturday Well Spent

My weekends are often times spent preciously staying at home, or going out and watching a movie. I value my weekend, as it is the only day/s that I get to re energize from a busy work week.

Yesterday, I was glad to have spent it with Martin as we both enjoyed our Saturday together. We both needed a break and our favorite routines are; going to the mall, watching a movie, shopping, eating or simply checking out all the gadget stores.

First up, breakfast and I was sooooo happy that Martin treated me to Subway.

C360_2013-04-13-11-00-19 (1)

Subway, Alpha land branch currently has an ongoing promo BOGO. I got my ham sandwich for free. Not bad! Of course you’d have to spend for your drinks, but since now a days I always bring my water canister with me, I didn’t have to pay extra for drinks.

We then went to KOMIKON at Bayanihan Pioneer, which by the way was the most tiring KOMIKON so far. The layout is different this year, because they had to accommodate more artists this time? So walking through different tables was not a breeze. The hall seems so cramped. Good thing I didn’t bring my camera. Even if I did, it was difficult taking photos.

Below are the only photos I was able to take a picture of, and the only thing I bought at the event.

Waited for the train for 10 minutes, this was just because of boredom. LOL


A preview of TRESE 6, for P30.00 I really do hope that the book will be out this November.


After the event and lunch at Robinson’s Pioneer, we went to my most favorite city in the Metro.

IMG_5381(taken a few weeks ago)

I was still in my Cookie Butter Donut craving phase, but after buying one at SM Makati, I wasn’t so happy. It tasted ‘off’ both the cookie butter spread and the donut. That ended my craving.


That wraps up my Saturday. I’m looking forward for Monday, finally I can go shopping!

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