Things I love 1.0

Two of my favorite ‘things’


A few day’s ago, there was one tiny kitty that popped out of our front porch. I tried not to mind the kitten as we already have a lot of animals in my home already (3 cats and 2 dogs). Adopting another one is already a handful, but I have a soft spot for these abandoned kittens and I guess my passion in helping out stray kittens just got in the way and I decided to keep her ‘for the mean time’.

Meanwhile, she seems to be enjoying her new space.




It’s the first time I’ve seen a kitten stick out his tongue while sleeping.

And speaking of ‘first’s’, I decided to include something ‘new’ in my makeup routine. I was never a fan of lip gloss as it never really lasts. However, if there is one good reason why I would wear one, it makes your lips look plump and very sexy. There are quite a slew of lip gloss products which you can choose from, but since the product isn’t something that’s long lasting, I didn’t want to spend too much over a lip gloss.

I bought the Revlon Super lustrous lip-gloss in pink pop.



I canvassed first for price difference in SM Beauty and in Landmark Makati. SM Beauty sells a tube for P575.00, while at Landmark it retails for P450.00 only. Good thing I canvassed first for prices, or else I would’ve paid the extra P125.  After all, it basically is the same product.

As for the lip gloss, I love that it gives that sexy pout look. Speaking of lip products, I think I may have found my new favorite red lipstick. Will buy that this weekend. Stay tuned~


2 thoughts on “Two of my favorite ‘things’

  1. I have a soft spot for kittens too. 😦 Every time one strays at our yard, I always end up chasing after it. I need a replacement for my cat that just died. 😦 But none stays. We always leave food for stray cats who likes visiting our yard though.

    I’m not much of a lipgloss fan too. I hate that feeling when my hair gets into my face, and it sticks to my lips because of the gloss.

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