A Happy Unexpected Shopping Trip

My rule of thumb in shopping for makeup is to spend only what you need (or whatever product is almost hitting pan). The only exception would be lipstick’s and mascaras because it’s the most frequent product I use.

So, for now the products that are almost ‘hitting pan’ are my foundation powder, eyebrow liner and lipstick (which I already bought yesterday).

Here’s my mini haul for the day.


I bought my Revlon photoready foundation and SNOE Star Night Star Bright toner at Cinderella. I’ve been meaning to try the toner for so long, and was happy to see that they have a couple of bottles in stock at the Cinderella branch. 

Just a side story about purchasing my foundation:

I was very indecisive about buying the Revlon or the L’Oreal lucent magique. I bought the latter instead just to be safe. But while at SM Beauty, I was able to swatch the L’Oreal and I’m so impressed. It is indeed nice and lovely and so much more (as mentioned by Sophie through twitter). I wished that I bought that one instead. Oh well, there’s always a next time. Will definitely by that  hopefully soon? We will see.

The eyebrow liner is from Etude. All products are very much well raved and reviewed by other beauty bloggers so I’ll just leave it at that.

After shopping, I went to Glorietta Cinema to buy advanced tickets for Sunday for Iron Man 3. Can’t wait!


And for the last photo, while I was taking pictures, someone was actually waiting behind the scene. 


My new adopted kitty. I’m still thinking of a new name though, but in the mean time, I call her Kitty.

Today is a good day! It was actually an unexpected shopping trip. But really, I’m just enjoying the little time I have left as next month will be another tedious month for layout for the magazine. Just happy to take a breather~

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