Iron Man day for the Iron Man fan!

When watching Marvel movies, I try not to expect so much so as to avoid disappointment. I think watching without expectations is good for me, because at the end of the movie, I’m (almost) always left impressed with the Marvel team. And after all the Avengers super heroes had been introduced or rebooted like The Hulk (my second favorite character and because Mark Ruffalo did so well), Iron Man still remains my favorite up to date. If you were to ask which of the three is my favorite from the installments, it would be the first and the third.

After waiting for four days, finally, it was my turn to type a status update “Here in Glorietta watching Iron Man 3”. Well, it was just more of a Foursquare check in really. LOL

We first had lunch at Army Navy at the new Glorietta. Admittedly, it was my first time. Just because I never bothered trying out their burgers before, because of what people have been saying about it. But I was in a burger craving phase, so I decided why not?


Martin ordered a double burger, while I had the starving sailor rib eye steak. Will tackle my Army Navy experience in my food blog.

We chose to watch at Glorietta and as expected, the place was almost full with people lining up for the Iron Man movie. There was also a display of Iron Man prototype suits for people to enjoy taking photos of *ahem*.


It was still a bit early for our 3:45 pm show, since we were tired of walking checking out camera stores we both wanted to have something cold for dessert and so we chose DQ.


After the movie, we went to Greenbelt because I needed to buy something at Beauty bar and he wanted to check out another camera store.

Here’s what I bought at Beauty Bar.



Basic makeup kit for P425.00

For dinner it was a unanimous decision, we paced ourselves back to Army Navy and it was worth it. Yum~

I’m definitely looking forward for Avengers 2 and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a geeky moment yet again. LOL~


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