Food diaries

Food Diaries 1.0: Lunch at work

Earlier while at work, I thought of a new entry that I would like to share with my readers (yes, you) and these entries will be called “Food Diaries”. Health professionals recommend having a food journal, and so I decided to make my food journal live.

My first food diary entry, Lunch at work. 


Jamaican cheesy beef pattie and a large mango banana shake. It’s not the ideal diet food, but dieting isn’t enough for me. My goal is to replace 1 or 2 meals with a fruit shake. Aside from that, I’m also discovering about having the “exercise high”. It’s been two days since I’ve worked up a good sweat every morning.

I know I’ve had many attempts on trying to lose weight, but I know this year is different. Yes, I know too it’s already May but I believe it’s never too late. To add more pressure on myself, I made a bet that this year I will reach my goal and if I lose it would be a damn shame. A damn shame for me, for writing about promising to lose weight and in the end not fulfilling my goal to an audience and myself would be a complete utter embarrassment. All these blog posts (about promises) will serve as useless.

It’s a weird goal perhaps, but so far it’s working pretty good for me.



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