Food diaries

Food Diaries–Day 2

For breakfast I had 2 pieces of hotdog with rice and my usual CarbTrim drink.


I was supposed to have lunch at Subway with Martin, unfortunately I arrived super late. I just made an effort to keep my promise to join him for lunch. I didn’t have time to eat anymore so I skipped and just enjoyed the moment the remaining time we had.

The fact that I was late due to unforeseen circumstances, I also had to deal with “stress”. When I arrived at work, I felt a bit hungry but I was too stressed out to even have an appetite to eat. Before heading home, I went to Shopwise to buy cat food and admittedly I was famished already. I was at the verge of buying the siomai meal over at Hen Lin, but I knew I was going to have dinner at home so my shake served as my late lunch/merienda.


Large Mango Banana Shake P75.00

For dinner, I had grilled ‘liempo’ (pork) dipped in vinegar with lots of garlic. Anything grilled is good and I was tempted to add more rice to my plate. It looks a lot but it’s not really. As long as I don’t eat more than a cup, I’m confident because I have my CarbTrim drink to block 60% of carbs. The rest, I bike and dance to burn the remaining calories. It’s been day 3 of my exercise routine, so far so good!


I used to be 80 kilos, down to 75 and currently playing around 73.2 – 72.7. For my height, I think the ideal weight is around 115 to 120 pounds.

So, here’s to working my ass off to reach at least 65 kilos by the end of the month.



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