Charles and Keith

My First Charles and Keith


*PS, please excuse the lame title

They say money can’t buy happiness, well, in some way’s it can. Materialistic wise that is. And what better timing, as I was looking for bags a few days ago in Greenbelt. Well, the price was unjustifiable as it was worth P4,000. Ouch. I didn’t notice that it was a designer bag “Jose”.

A few days ago before leaving for a date, mom gave me a “here’s a new bag because you never let go of your other bag, and it really looks dirty”. Um, no it’s not! Ha-ha!

IMG_5657 IMG_5675


Two-toned roomy tote bag

Thanks mom you’re the best! What I love about it is how roomy that bag is. Will try to see if I can make a “What’s in my bag” blog post.

I’m off to prepare for a unexpected lunch date in a bit. Later on, back to work so my TGIF begins at around 5pm. Here’s a glimpse of my work place at the office.



Happy Friday everyone~


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