Let’s Beat The Summer Heat With: Nivea Sun Protection Collagen Protect

We all agree that each year that passes our summer season gets insanely sweltering, and if there is one way to describe how our weather is now? Well, Manila has been like a baking oven and I hate it, I’m sure you do too! The intense heat is so extreme that the heat bounces back from the ground.

For someone who detests wearing sunblock, inevitably I just had to protect myself now. Of course, what person would not wear sunblock in this scorching heat? Well, that would be me. I never liked sunblock and would only lather myself up when I’m in a beach. I abhor the feel of stickiness and how heavy it feels on my skin. Reason being, I did not bother exploring sunblock products in the market.

That is until I found my new HG sunblock.



Nivea’s Sun moisturizing lotion is amazing! It feels just like your lotion, non-sticky, with a hint of scent that lingers which I love (sun blocky scent). It also does it’s job well in moisturizing your skin.

I used to go out just wearing lotion with SPF10, but now a days I top it with my Nivea Sun Protect. I feel more confident going out and having not to worry about sun burn’s or getting dark.

Now, my next quest is to find a sun protection for my face. Any reco’s?

Happy Sunday everyone 🙂

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