Food diaries

Food Diaries–Day 5


Most Sunday’s for me are considered as lazy Sunday’s. It’s all good though, as I get to relax from all the hustle and bustle of the crazy weekdays at work. With my current project called the ‘Food Diaries’, Supposedly of me sharing my Day 4 (I think I wasn’t able to share my Day 3 too). I was too lazy to keep track of what I ate yesterday, except for my mango banana fruit shake again from Fruitas. The rest are ordinary home cooked meals.

For today, here’s what I had.

Breakfast – 3 pcs of fish fillet with focaccia bread bought at Shopwise and a mug of my favorite instant coffee

LunchTinolang manok with corn

Dinner – Focaccia bread and a small plate of leftover pasta


For my exercise routine, the usual stationary bike for 30 minutes (but if I have extra time 1 hour max) and then 2 rounds of the 4 minute workout. I wasn’t able to do ZUMBA as I accidently uninstalled my codec media player.

This is my second day of doing the 4 minute workout, and for some reason I tend to be hungry more frequently which is weird?

As for cravings? I was tempted to buy myself a bottle of coke earlier. Especially when my brother was drinking one during dinner, and to make it more difficult? he was enjoying a Big N’ Tasty meal in front of me. Argh! It’s just the second week of May, I’m crossing my fingers that I can surpass my soda cravings especially when I’m stressed out.

And, here’s meow with a photo of the day with my favorite cat blouse.


But really, I’m testing out the InstaMag App I downloaded in Google Play last night. He-he!

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