My journey to a slimmer, healthier me. Thanks to Carbtrim

June 19, 2012 during a shopping trip at the grocery, I picked up my very first pack of CarbTrim. I was curious if it would work, and at that time I was in a hurry to lose all the weight I’ve accumulated over the past 5 years (or more). And just a month away from now, it will be one year of me using CarbTrim.

So, how is my journey doing so far? I did lose weight, in fact in just one month I lost 11 kilos already from the first month I tried it. I used to weigh 80 kilos (176), then down to 75 (165) kilos. I was simply amazed on my first weigh in and shouted, what sorcery?! Rubbed my eyes and it was indeed 75 kilos. At that time, I did not do any exercise at all. I biked but I was not consistent. That month, admittedly my appetite dropped and CarbTrim helped me lose weight that fast. A few months after, I still weighed the same. I was tired from work and didn’t have the energy to exert effort, or as what other health junkies would call – LAZY!

New Year came and like everyone else, I made a promise to really lose weight. From January to March I still weighed the same, which plays around 75-74 kilos and I wasn’t exerting effort on exercising. I thought to myself, CarbTrim ‘stopped’ working already. Although I’m glad that I’m not gaining any more than I am, but I still was heavy and it was not good.

“CarbTrim is a weight management drink with Phase 2 White Kidney Bean”.

I’m glad that CarbTrim helped me lose the 11 kilos, but the rest was up to me. So before I babble further, let me show you before and after photos of me using CarbTrim. I know It’s still a bit too early to do before and after photos, but so far I’m loving how I look now (I don’t mean to sound too vain okay?, hehe). I also received inquiries about CarbTrim asking if the product really works.


The results aren’t drastic but somehow my chubby cheeks lessened. Most of my clothes too has gotten quite loose already.

From 75, I’m now down to 72! It moved! I was ecstatically jumping for joy. It’s Day 10 of me consistently working out, eating in moderation and drinking CarbTrim before or after meals.

To DB, when asked if CarbTrim works? YES! How? It blocks off 66% of carbohydrates and is a weight control management drink. Or you may also watch this short video for further questions you would have in mind.

Tips? You may opt to drink either before or after meals, but make sure to not overeat and simply expect that CarbTrim will do magic in absorbing all the carbohydrates you’ve consumed. You also have to be dedicated if you really want to lose weight. Exercise is good! It really is.

One box of CarbTrim (6 pieces) costs P150.00 at Shopwise, P144.00 at Mercury and Landmark and P160.00 in SM Hypermarket. One sachet costs P25.00.

Side effects? Regular bowel movement. If I skipped drinking (because I forgot to bring a pack) I feel bloated. Aside from those, nothing painful that I’ve experienced so far.

I definitely love CarbTrim and I’m glad UNILAB came up with this wonderful product, that is within reach to everyone who wants to lose or maintain their weight the safe way. Most importantly, still enjoy eating carbs like pizza and pasta. Like always, moderation is key 😉

Visit CarbTrim’s Facebook Page to know more about the product.


33 thoughts on “My journey to a slimmer, healthier me. Thanks to Carbtrim

  1. So, how is my journey doing so far? I did lose weight, in fact in just one month I lost 11 kilos already from the first month I tried it. I used to weigh 80 kilos (176), then down to 75 (165) kilos. [i believe you lost 11 POUNDS not “kilos”] *just saying

  2. thanks for this blog. i was inspired to start taking carbtrim because of u. though i stopped breastfeeding now there’s no need to worry.

  3. You won’t get fit just by carbtrim alone. Do you exercise? I suggest you start lifting weights too. IT’s the best way to lose weight. With diet alone, you will only be “skinny fat” and a smaller version of yourself.

    I hope no one gets offended by this pero depending on supplements to get fit and lose weight is really a no no.

  4. Hello po!
    Pwede po ba ang CarbTrim sa 16 years old? Insecured po kasi ako sa fats ko at ang daming nang-aasar sa akin. 😦

    Thank you po. 🙂

      1. Thank you! And btw, ano po ba mangyayari kung umiinom nga po ng carbtrim kaso hindi nag-eexercise? Hindi po ba magiging effective ang drink na yun?

  5. hi nag green tea po ako ngayon, gusto kung mag shift ng carbtrim, okay lang po ba yon?? talaga po bang effective ang carbtrim? without diet, exercise lang?

  6. i wanna try a carbtrim capsule, how to take this? ilang capsule sa isang araw? ano ang mas maganda? take a capsule bago kumain?

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