Food diaries

Food Diaries–Dessert came first

Earlier for lunch, the family feasted on pasta and like in every meals I usually save room for dessert. I prepared a small plate as I didn’t want to eat too much. But really, I was still full from my breakfast and that was just 2 pieces of pandesal with chicken adobo. Drinking CarbTrim really makes you full at the end of the meal.

My small plate of pasta cooked by our helpers. I love how they cook the noodles Al Dente’.


This time dessert came first – a small bowl of fruit platter which consisted of papaya and bananas. Best served chilled and perfect on a hot day. Yum~

Next time, I will indulge and add some berries and grapes. Speaking of fruit bowls, every time I’m in Shopwise I’m always drawn by the sight of the fruit section. Where you can pick your own fruits and have it to go in a small or big tub of container. Often times, the fruits are either too ripe or doesn’t taste like anything. Yes it’s cheaper but there is nothing like picking your own fruits in the market. My papaya was not too ripe and super sweet.


I still ate my pasta but only had 2 forkfuls of it, and then capped off my lunch with a glass of CarbTrim drink. After 1 month of trying out CarbTrim Lemon flavor, I’ve somewhat gotten used to the taste already. Still, I’m hoping the next batch will all be in apple flavor.

I still have a big container filled with papaya and I can’t wait to eat it when I get hungry later.

Happy weekend and Happy Mother’s Day~


2 thoughts on “Food Diaries–Dessert came first

  1. Awww… fruits… I have to learn to love the fruits my mom takes home so that I can cut down with other sweet desserts and go healthier instead. For now, I will copy you and chill the fruits first before eating!

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