Loving my PhotoReady Foundation Powder

Thank God it’s Friday! Happy weekend to all of you my dear readers.

After weeks of testing out my PhotoReady foundation powder, I can now share my thoughts about it. As always for someone who has an acidic face, I made sure to test out the product first to see which best suits my skin shade. The SA was kind enough to assist me and we both agreed that Natural Ochre is just the right shade.








Sleek compact and does not feel cheap at all.



I had hoped that with the powder alone it would give a heavy coverage. Unfortunately it doesn’t, saving grace? I was surprised how it lived up to it’s “photo ready” promise. It has medium coverage when worn alone.

My skin care regimen before putting on make up, after cleansing, I tone with Celeteque oil control toner. Then I mix my favorite product from Quick FX, tinted moisturizer and no shine mattifier. I absolutely swear by this product! (Thanks to Pammy for the tip on mixing them both)

For my first day, underneath I put on Maybelline’s BB cream stick and that was a major let down. Although it did give me a photo ready face, the product became cakey at the end of the day.  I wasn’t able to take a photo, but below is a photo of me with my date after lunch and walking around Glorietta.


Second try and currently, I now just use my usual regimen underneath the photoready foundation. I’m normally oily, but with this foundation it helps my face look matte which I loveeee! Photo below is me wearing photoready without any liquid foundation or BB cream this time.


I’m not a professional beauty blogger, so I won’t get into details anymore. Perhaps it’s just me but when I’m wearing this, my face looks literally photoready. It’s sorcery! Ha-ha! I definitely love this foundation powder, and next time I will buy the Colorstay whipped or PhotoReady liquid foundation for more coverage on special occasions.

Anyone has tried this product? Love it or Hate it? Share away~


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