Tech Talk: Software Update available for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1



Recently, I’ve been noticing a trend in the search engine terms about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 software update.

Normally, there are two ways to update your software which you can do in auto update or manually. Please see photo below. 


Here’s the latest version so far.



For those asking ‘how come my tab is not showing a software update, even if I check manually’, you can check with your kies software if there’s an option to update the software via Kies. If all else fails, it’s best to contact Samsung’s support center. 



Android users, specifically Samsung Galaxy Tab owners there’s a new software update for our Tab. Have you downloaded the new software update already? If the notification doesn’t show the new update, you can always do it manually by going to settings>about device.

Of course, because I always want to be updated with the new software, I just updated mine last Tuesday. There are minimal changes but here’s what’s ‘improved’ or added in the new software.

1. Album UI

Had I known that there will be changes for the album UI, I should have taken screenshot of how it looked like before. Anyhow, this is how the album looks like now.


Excuse the vanity

2. Apps – Paper Artist & Google Play



The paper artist app is quite fun to use. Typical camera app feature. Nothing exciting but refreshing to have.

3. Smart Stay

If you may have noticed, there’s an eye icon below at the notifications tab. At first I had no clue what it’s supposed to do, but with extensive research it’s called Smart Stay.

‘It basically is a part of Samsung’s eye-tracking technologies, where it can tell when you’re looking at the screen and it won’t dim or put it into sleep mode as a result.’

Unfortunately, this feature seems a bit buggy for Tab or it’s just me. It keeps saying that it cannot detect my eyes. I guess I have to tinker more with my Tab.  This feature is still not working for my tab.


Aaaand that’s it! If you notice anything else that is new, feel free to share away in the comment section.


14 thoughts on “Tech Talk: Software Update available for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

  1. what software version would that be, then?
    My 10.1 tab is wifi running android version 4.0.4. Had no updates in long long time.. and I do check every few weeks, and just now.

  2. I already tried that, as I said, I do the manual update every couple of weeks. I just did it a few minutes ago; says there is no update.

      1. thanks.
        I tend to do the manual -“check for update” as soon as I hear that there has been one; I seldom wait for it to auto update, lol.
        I have that option, and that is what I do.
        But it says “no update available” and has said for quite a while.
        appreciate if you find out more.

    1. I still check manually and never did get that update.
      My tablet is WiFi (no carrier), and I am in the States. I got the update on my Verizon Galaxy 3S phone months ago.
      I think that Samsung doesn’t really care… If you have a carrier, maybe they have pressure to keep things on track.
      If I ever get time, I will go into Samsung’s forums, and see if I can raise a ruckus!

      Oh.. re: the Smart Stay:
      I have that feature on my phone, since the update. However, It does NOT work if you wear glasses!! LOL. So I had to disable that feature. Sigh. I had really wanted it, too!

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