Inside A Cat’s Mind: Point of view-choosing what’s best

And so, the last day for the weekend is here. I hope everyone was able to take a break as we all gear up once again for work week [or school week]. As for me, I stayed home since yesterday and spent my time bonding with my siblings and nephew.

I’ve been waiting for my CarbTrim boxes to arrive, and thankfully it came just in time as I ran out of CarbTrim yesterday. Thank you Jandric.


I’m glad to have finally started exercising, but admittedly my weight loss project has also been reliant with me drinking CarbTrim.  Thank goodness for CarbTrim seriously!

Speaking of my weight loss project, earlier today I chanced upon a quote that I would like to share with you. While it was meant to address kids, I think it also applies for us adults.  True enough, burgers seem to cost a bit less than salads.


I’m not saying that it’s completely bad to eat burgers or any junk food, but again moderation is key. However, if you’re the type to be eating junk food everyday [for whatever reason] well I guess that answers your question and I don’t want to judge you for that, as I too have once been obese. Well I still am but I’m working hard to lose all the unwanted pounds and I’m happy with my current weight that I’ve lost.

Going back, the quote stands true with most of our food options. Fast food costs a bit less [bang for the buck] when it comes to “value for money”. While salads are often a bit on the ‘pricier’ side. My wish is that, we would have healthier options that is as ‘fast’ as the fast food industry but only healthier. It’s not bad to hope right?

Thoughts? Feel free to comment below


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