Inside A Cat’s Mind – Fitness Zen

As I was customizing my website, I noticed that I forgot to write a description for my blogAfter going through a great deal of clicking backspace repeatedly, I’ve now come up with a ‘new’ description.

Inside A Cat’s Mind – A glimpse of a cat freak’s blog about makeup, skin care, games, gadgets and now obsessing on a fitness life style. 

The fitness life style section is fitting as I’m currently obsessing on reading fitness tips online. My workout last month consisted of the 4 minute workout, jumping rope and stationary biking all in 1 hour. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago our stationary bike broke down. I was sad, but somehow I think it was a blessing in disguise. Why? well it turned me to a fitness freak! Aside from searching online, I find myself so fixated on buying a health and fitness guide book and a new gym equipment.


So, consider this my very first post for my fitness section. I will babble more on my fitness journey on my next post, and I can’t wait to share them with you.



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