Weekend Escape: Of Shopping and Sisterly bonding at Bonifacio Global City

There’s this saying ‘Let’s celebrate New Year with a bang!’. It may not be the New Year yet, but yesterday despite the tiring work week I ended my Friday with a ‘bang’. I can’t disclose the full details yet, as it’s a hush hush between my sister, Martin and me. Let’s just say that, I did something that I thought I won’t normally do like EVER! If all falls into place [hopefully], I will definitely share with you the news.

Last night, my sister Amanda accompanied me to SM Makati to buy a dress and a few accessories. Traffic was as always appalling [Friday traffic], much more now that the rainy season has officially started. Despite the hellish traffic and just 1 hour to go around and fit all the clothes and buy accessories, we all went through. The effort invested and the unwavering support [emotional and financial] was very much appreciated.

Here’s what my stylist chose as my accessories.


Right after shopping, my sister and I accidentally came across the ‘newest’ food craze in Makati called – Food Truck Market. More on that on my next post as the photos are with my sister. I sure never learn my lesson of not bringing my camera huh? Gah.

For the first weekend ‘escape’, we went to Bonifacio Global City this morning and while we were looking for a nice venue. I found a kitty running on the grass section, only to find out kitty needs to poo. I don’t think it was a stray cat though as he/she had a collar around its neck. Also because one of the workers were shouting the cat’s name while he/she was conveniently pooping on the grass and telling the cat to stop.

IMG_5970Oh yes kitty, you are doing it right. Pooping in public

After our mini shoot, we were so tired and parched [the weather today is quite sunny and mostly unbearable heat]. Lunch was the best solution to cool off our warm and perspiring faces. We both chose Pancake House which was my sister’s treat [thank you].


IMG_6033Pancake House’s Taco’s are THE BEST!

IMG_6034Mini Halo Halo

To sum up today’s agenda, admittedly I was very uncomfortable as it is something not in my comfort zone. My sister was also getting irritated with my ‘diva’ attitude but despite all that, it was a fun experience. At least now, I have partly stepped into my sister’s shoes and I know how it feels like.

And that wraps up my Saturday.

Happy weekend~


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