Inside A Cat’s Mind – Hello July!


During my first 2 years of blogging, I used to go crazy on makeup hauls and then writing about them. But these days, I find writing about makeup can be monotonous more often than not. There are far better beauty gurus out there in the first place. Admittedly, one of the biggest reasons was during a conversation with my sister a few weeks ago. She said ‘Ate Kate, why don’t you try going out with no makeup at all?’  Somehow, it boosted my self confidence on how I see myself. We all have our own expectations on beauty, and I will not babble on how I see beauty as I am in no position to do so.

But, if there’s one thing I believe? Is that I know I am beautiful in my own unique way, and that goes the same way with other women too all over the world.

My past month has been mostly consumed by work. Like always, It’s rewarding to see our magazine finally out from printing. The copies should be out in newsstands nationwide by this month.

Weekend Home Special vol 6 no. 2
Weekend Home Special vol 6 no. 2

On Saturday’s [or Friday’s] I either stay home or go shopping with my sister. I’m currently revamping my wardrobe by buying more dresses and the usual stuff I wear, denim leggings and blouses. Finally, Uniqlo is now open at Glorietta 5 and I bought myself a couple of clothes from the store.

Fridate with my sister
Fridate with my sister

After work today, I went to KFC to have merienda/dinner, and then bought a Women’s Health Magazine Special Issue.

Mac and Cheese with Mushroom soup
Mac and Cheese with Mushroom soup
Got this on sale for P100 only
Got this on sale for P100 only. Original price was P250

Sunday’s are spent with family, attending worship at Greenbelt 1 – Bread Of Life Ministries, lunch and then watching a movie.


My siblings
My siblings – Lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, Greenbelt 2
Lunch at Cafe de Bonifacio, The Podium
Lunch at Cafe de Bonifacio, The Podium

And then repeat all over again. Well, I wouldn’t say that my life is a routine as there are always new things to expect, experiences to learn from and meeting new people.

That’s it for now! I will be back, just not so sure when. In the mean time, I hope [if I have any regular readers here in my blog, or to new reader’s I hope that you’ll have a great week ahead 🙂


Till my next post~


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