Cat Discoveries at Alphaland Mall


After my short meet up with my two friends earlier in Alphaland Mall, since I was already there and it was my free time. I decided to check out if there were anything new for me to see. Surprisingly, I was pleased to find out that they are opening a branch of Family Mart. Well, their items may be relatively more pricier than our trusted 711 or mini stop convenience stores. However, what I like about Family Mart is that they sell unique items that you don’t normally find in the “norm”.

Soon to open
Soon to open

It has been a while since I posted anything about one of the “things” I love most – CATS!

I found a new interesting find for cat lovers and cat mommy’s (or daddy’s) out there. But, before that, let me share with you a cute book I found while I was browsing for book finds at the Book Sale store.

Cat Book
Cat Book P650

The Ultimate Cat Book guide!

 Before heading home, I decided to check Daiso to see if I’d find anything interesting. Lo’ and behold! Look at what I found at the Pet section.

Cat Food
Cat Food

They are now selling Friskies at Daiso. The small cans are selling two for P66 only. It was quite cheap, as this normally retails for P60+ per can in Shopwise. I had to check the expiration date just to make sure, good to know that these are good until 2014.

Chicken and Salmon variant
Chicken and Salmon variant

That’s about it for my cat discoveries!

Till my next post 🙂

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