Tech Talk: OTG Cable


Technology has come a long way now a days. I used to remember way back during my thesis in college, where at that time when those bulky laptops were the “in thing”. As time passed by,  it slowly becomes smaller and now thinner and in a few years who would’ve thought it would become portable?

And so this is where tablets come in. Who would’ve thought that you can now make power point presentations, word documents, blog and stay connected in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter all at the same time using just a tablet? I used to believe that I can only blog by using my laptop only, because I have to transfer all my photos from my camera to the laptop just so that I can upload all my stuff online.

Well, thank goodness for the OTG Cable [On-The-Go] specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It has now become my new best friend, that I can easily upload better photos in my Instagram and do a quick blog post like this one. It’s not like it’s an entirely new device as it’s already an old feature, which allows you to connect USB devices.

I was able to get hold of my very own OTG Cable just last week.  It was actually quite hard to find the one in specialty gadget stores in the new Glorietta. I forgot what the name of the store was, but it’s not so hard to find. Just look for a group of stalls inside a store, or what we call ‘tiangge‘ at the second or third floor.

OTG Cable



You have to be careful though, as most sellers were selling it for P400. I got mine for only P250 and it works perfectly fine, most importantly it’s very easy to use too. I connected my Canon 1100D to the OTG and it instantly read my camera’s memory card.

Here’s a screen shot of how it will look like. Please see photo below.


See the upper left photo that say’s Canon Inc? That’s my camera’s memory card. After selecting the photos you want to import on your tab, it will automatically be saved by creating a Imported folder.

Life is sure easy with my OTG cable, but I’m pretty sure it will be much easier as soon as I get to buy a wireless keyboard for my tab. I’m already eyeing on the rapoo keyboard. Hopefully soon!




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