An Ode To Fitness – My current weigh in

It has been five months that I’ve been consistently working out. Except for the PMS days, or when I have to leave early for work. Just this morning, I weighed myself again and I was surprised to see a few kilos off, reaching closer to my target weight at 115 lbs or 53 kilos. I’m not that good in math, but my sister said to convert kilos to lbs you have to multiply 2.2 to ie 53 which equals to 116.6. When I reached 72 kilos a few months back, I was so happy but for it to have moved to 65 is amazing. So, yes I’ve officially hit 6 and went off to 7 plus.

Current weigh in as of 9.6.2013

65 kilos x 2.2 is converted to 143 lbs.

65 lbs

How is that all possible?
Determination and Consistency. Aside from eating less [mostly in moderation] and drinking CarbTrim to block carbs [FYI, if you may have noticed my Instagram account @hellokitten05, I still do eat junk food from time to time]. Most of the credit goes to consistent exercise. I can’t help stress enough how exercise helped me a lot in feeling and looking more fit compared to a few years back. The most significant change would be my tummy, as before when I look down my tummy gets in the way. Presently, I can see the floor now. Admittedly, I still have problem areas I need to work on to but with consistency, as what Pastor Dave shared with us a few Sunday’s ago….

It's all about consistency

My weight loss journey will lead to great achievements gained slowly over time with Consistency and Eating in moderation. I do give in to sweets and nachos, but if I do indulge in cheat days. I work out more harder and skip rice dinners to soup, fruits or non existent dinners. Just lots of water.

Speaking of drinking, we currently are blessed with an awesome juicing machine.


Will share more about Hurom on my next post.

December is just around the corner, I have to work more harder to reach my 115 weigh in. Cheers!

Thanks for reading and I hope I may have somewhat inspired those who are struggling to lose weight too 🙂


3 thoughts on “An Ode To Fitness – My current weigh in

  1. Nice! Keep it up! 🙂 Been struggling to lose weight too. Gained weight due to my medical condition and I’m at the peak of losing hope (instead of losing weight haha), but your post actually inspired me to keep going get back into shape again. Thanks for this! 🙂

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