Juicing with HUROM Slow Juicer + Unboxing

As mentioned in my previous post, I would like to share with you a short unboxing of the Hurom Juicer. I’ve been reading a lot of positive reviews about juicing and I’ve been meaning to try it myself. Thankfully, we currently acquired this juicer sometime last week and I instantly tested it. I didn’t have any brand in mind when it comes to juicers, I was more of anticipating the list of recipes I had in mind.  

Made In Korea

There are actually A LOT, and I mean a whole lot of juicing equipments in the market already. What HUROM is, is a slow juicer which slowly grinds the extract of fruits and vegetables. Having tested it out, I was amused at how the extract [or remnants] of the vegetables pours out separately with the juice. I wasn’t able to take a video, but there are Youtube videos online that you can find to see how HUROM works. We got the HUROM slow juicer HA series.


Contents inside are the following:

1. Hopper
2. Squeezing screw
3. Coarse strainer
4. Fine strainer
5. Spinning brush
6. Bowl
7. Base
8. Pulp container
9. Juice container
10. Hopper lid
11. Cleaning brush
12. Pusher
13. Manual, Recipe book and two CD’s
14. HUROM mug
15. HUROM recipe book

That is quite a handful for a juicer, admittedly if you’re the type of person who is on the go. This juicer may be bit of a hassle when it comes to cleaning it. Cleaning it takes more time than the actual juicing process. So, next time one thing to consider I guess is clean up time. With that aside, what I love about HUROM despite that I have to assemble [and disassemble] a lot of parts. HUROM comes as a complete set. My favorite parts are; the fine and coarse strainer, recipe book and the mug. It is a good investment at the end of the day, and really it’s the slow juicing process that makes HUROM unique.



There are two weightloss recipes inside the manual, which were the first recipes I wanted to try. Do note that It was my first time to try juicing, and my first attempt was quite a fail. I’m a dummy when it comes to portions or how many grams I should be using. Maybe I should also invest on those weighing scale for food portion size?

Initially, I wanted the apple, beet root recipe first. But I couldn’t find beet root at Shopwise Pasong Tamo branch. I had to settle with the other recipe, which has one of the ingredients that I find difficult to ingest nor even take a whiff off. Ugh. Anyhow, I tested out my hands on the baby arugula recipe which consisted of the following:

and Ginger. “]image

I put too little of the baby arugula and too much of the ginger, I was at the brink of not finishing my drink. But thanks to my supportive sister who forced me to finish it. Despite that it wasn’t even a full glass to begin with. Note to self, add all of the baby arugula next time, more apples and two thinly sliced gingers.


                                                                                                              Super fail – wasn’t even able to reach 1 cup of juice

That was my first attempt. Looking forward in trying out more recipes. If you have any tested recipes you would like to share, please feel free to comment below.

Cheers to fitness and to health!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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