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Express your creativity with Autodesk Homestyler


It’s been a while since I wrote an android game review. It’s not that I didn’t have time [despite the limitless choices to pick from at Google Play], games such as Candy Crush or Street Food Tycoon simply got me bored over time. I guess, mobile gaming is really just for casual gaming, in short “pang patay oras” [kill time]. Gaming for my tablet is non-existent these days. That is until I found a very interesting app called – Homestyler Autodesk.

Ever since I’ve been working for a home and wellness magazine. I find myself immersed in the world of interior design and art. I now appreciate paintings and dream to own a beautiful piece someday. With that said, let’s start the ball rolling shall we?

Homestyler Autodesk
Homestyler Autodesk

The Autodesk Homestyler takes Pinterest in a whole different level, as Pinterest is more on pinning your pegs [ie. interior design]. While Homestyler actually lets you be creative by designing your dream home in 3D. Yes 3D! It’s a bit cool actually [trying not to sound so geeky-haha].

Available for Android users
Available for Android users

The app is free by the way. At first, I had the impression that it would be “limited”. Surprisingly, it’s not! as you can design at your heart’s content. You just have to create an account or sign up by Facebook. After signing up, they will provide a tutorial on how to navigate through the “game”. Please note that I’m not sure if the app works seamlessly for phone users , as I downloaded it through my Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Here’s how it looks like upon starting the app


You can create a new design by choosing an empty room or choose a 3D design stream [which you can customize yourself as well]. If you’re familiar with Interior brands, you’d be surprised to find that they use real interior brands such as Magis [which you can find at Dimensione], DEDON and Dwell Studio to name a few.

Once you’ve created your preferred design, you can hover at your profile and see your work. Here’s how mine looks like. I’ve set all my designs in private for now, but you can opt to share it publicly with friends.


Things to note:

  • It requires internet connection
  • They say’s that they fixed the loading time, but it’s a bit slow at times
  • The game often hangs and/or force closes, and when it does you need to restart your tab
  • Navigation – adding accessories can be a pain sometimes. If you find yourself downloading this app, you’d understand what I mean.
  • More vintage furniture’s please!

Aside from my “things to note”, I still find myself engaged in designing specific rooms [I’m a huge design freak]. Just so you have an idea, I will share a before and after photo and other screen caps.




Bedroom for two
Bedroom for two

Although there may be a few issues that needs to be fixed or improved, I highly recommend Autodesk Homestyler if you love designing homes. I think this app is definitely perfect for Interior designers, Interior stylists and for those who simply wants to create a dream home virtually.








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