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A box full of goodies

My week has been pretty much nerve-racking due to the unexpected news of my uncles passing, managing my time with exercise, work load, attending my online class and drafting an upcoming project can be quite a challenge. Pressed for time as it seems, I pleasantly received an unexpected box full of goodies this week – A box full of cupcakes, figuratively speaking that is (the cupcake story was shared to us by our Pastor Gina).

It was my Editor-In-Chief’s birthday a few days ago, and we were shared a box of Creamsilk products to take home.


Conditioners and hair treatment

I can’t live without conditioners as my hair feels heavy when I just use shampoo alone. While I really buy this product as my conditioner preference [and Dove pink], these bottles will last me for a few months.

Lastly, my CarbTrim boxes finally arrived in bulk. I can finally send out some boxes for my CarbTrim winners. Special thanks to Jandric and Marius for trusting me as your CarbTrim Influencer.




Till my next post 🙂


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